Leonie Harris PhD, NMD

Leonie Harris PhD, NMD

Leonie Harris PhD, NMD

Dr. Harris has spent over 19 years working tirelessly to reach individuals with various chronic and behavioral health conditions. Her knowledge and experience have taught her that “one size does not fit all”.

Her approach is customized and is based on each individual state of health and lifestyle.

Dr. Harris focuses on Mind, Body, and Spirit and further encourages her clients to have more awareness of their bodies so they can easily recognize when there are changes.

She relishes working and collaborating with other Healthcare providers to find the root cause of the health interruptions. addresses the problem, and develops a plan of action that delivers a better health outcome.

Dr. Harris serves on several advisory boards and committees over the years contributing and sharing data and evidence-based outcomes to better the health status of clients local and national.

Dr. Harris holds undergraduate degrees in Nutrition Science/Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and a Ph.D. in Naturopathic Medicine with an emphasis in Integrative Medicine.

She is Board-certified as a Natural Medical Doctor, in Naturopathic Traditional Medicine, as a Nutrition Educator, Spiritual Health Provider,  Military Health Provider, Assistant Laser Practitioner.

Master Trainer in Evidence-Based Education, Certified Life Coach, Lifestyle Coach. Certified in  Diabetes Self Management, as a Clinical Diabetes Educator and a Certified Medical Exercise Coach.